Announcing the 2016 show, THE THREE MUSKETEERS, slated for June 7th- 11th at Paliku Theatre in Kaneohe!



CONGRATULATIONS to all who have been cast in CTO’s The Three Musketeers!  We are looking forward to putting together a great show with you.  As a reminder, if your child has been chosen as a The Three Musketeers cast member, you will need to attend a MANDATORY PARENT MEETING tomorrow, Wednesday, January 28th from 6:30 – 7:30 pm, held at the LDS Waikalua Chapel, 45-150 Waikalua Road in Kaneohe.  This meeting is for parents only.  Cast members do not need to be present.  Attendance is incredibly important!!  Your participation fee of $75 for the first child/$65 for additional children will also be due at this time and can be paid online any time prior to the meeting or can be paid at the meeting that evening. CLICK HERE TO MAKE YOUR PAYMENT.  Failure to attend the meeting or to make appropriate payment could result in your child being removed from the cast.  

To those of you who were not cast this year, we want you to know how much we appreciate you auditioning.  We wish there was room to cast all of you!  With a short rehearsal time period and with such a large cast, attendance at rehearsals is very important, so many of you were not cast because your other activities conflicted with our rehearsal schedule.  We wish you the best of luck in your other endeavors and we encourage you to come audition again next year.  Thank you for sharing your many talents with us.



D’Artagnan                  Koa San Luis

Porthos                         Luke Ott

Aramis                           Koa Tomich

Athos (soloist)              Noah Faumuina


Princess Marie (soloist)         Giselle Bittick

Princess Anne                          Malina Manni

Milady de Winter                     Maluhia San Luis

Martine    (Tavern Owner- soloist)    Tiara Deir

Amelia    (Tavern Owner)       Nahe Naeole

Constance (soloist)                  Sara Brekke

Olga    (Russian Cousin)         Paris Bile

Sophie    (soloist)                     Sierra Choi

Cardinal Richelieu               Justus Biegel

Comte de Rochefort            Christian Robbins

Tavern Girls

Collette    (soloist)          Keana Nero

Henriette                         Kira Kramer

Josette                             Tyana Molinaro

Babette                            Ivette Balboa

Paulette                           Nancy Gutzwiller

Specialty Dancers & Tavern Girls                           

Nani Tomich

 Marina Choi

Grace Blaskowski

Jackie Le

Servants of the Musketeers

Planchet        Kahai Gibson

Grimaud        Kainalu Willson

Andre            Owen Cargile


Kitty                  Kira Gatiuan

Genevieve        Tai Gibson

Birgitte              Mahealani Plunkett

French Maids

Clarice                     Chloe Aquino

Adelyn                     Leina Morse

Children of the Pirates

Black Beard Jr.        Louis Faustino

Stubbs O’Malley        Kekoa Plunkett

Squiddy Jibbers         Tiani Gibson

Townspeople Speakers

Charlie Fox

Zoe Carmack

Jasmine Cadotte


Ivette Balboa

Justus Biegel

Grace Blaskowski

Paris Bile

Giselle Bittick

Marina Choi

Tiara Deir

Noah Faumina

Nancy Gutzwiller

Kira Kramer

Jackie Le

Malina Manni

Tyana Molinaro

Nahe Naeole

Keana Nero

Luke Ott

Christian Robbins

Koa San Luis

Maluhia San Luis

Koa Tomich

Nani Tomich

PURPLE GROUP:  Ladies of the Court

Chloe Aquino

Lisbeth Balboa

Macy Carroll

Leah Clark

Maitea Domingo

Mikayla Driggs

Kira Gatiuan

Tai Gibson

Katheryn Glenn

Sophie Hawpe

Hayley Johnson

Maleah Marcus

Madison Maronde

Tiale-Marie McGee

Leina Morse

Chelsea Murata

Mahealani Plunkett

GREEN GROUP:  Parisian Townspeople

Amelie Ambler

Max Biegel

Sara Brekke

Hayden Broadbent

Jasmine Cadotte

Mia Campora

Ila Canlas

Owen Cargile

Zoe Carmack

Sierra Choi

Kainoa Chorman

Charlie Fox

Quinn Gatiuan

Kahai Gibson

Kana’i Gibson

Carissa Glenn

Jaia Hazzard

Tatum Jacobs

Elias Kagawa

Matthias Kagawa

Elena Knox

Katherine Linton

Farrahlyn McCallum

Charlotte McKeown

Alena McMillan

Alohi Morris

Hannah Morris

Kainoa Morse

Trevor Myers

Maya Nam

Tia Ornellas

Paige Petty

Aka San Luis

Mya Thornton

Sofia Valdivia

Mehana Watanabe

Kainalu Willson

Marisol Willson

YELLOW GROUP:  Children of the Pirates

Jackson Androski

Zen Bailey

Elsie Faustino

Louis Faustino

Tiani Gibson

Hayden Glenn

Elliana Johnson

Zacharias Kagawa

Abigail Knox

Kea Morse

Max Petty

Kekoa Plunkett

Shayla Ramos

Hannah Shaha

Kinley Thornton

Taylin Thornton

Nolan Tyau

Camilla Valdivia



Buy tickets online now at ShowTix4U

Presale tickets will go on sale Monday, May 2nd.  Please check the Shutterfly site to obtain your special code. Public sales begin May 9th.


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